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Do It Yourself!

Did you know...

320 million of your tax dollars goes toward the disposal of unwanted junk mail?!

Junk mail destroys 62 million trees per year, & fills 3% of America's landfills?!

Here are some ways you can re-use your own junk mail!

Paper Chain Bookmarks out of envelope corners! Shredded Junk Mail as Packing Material!
Ornament made out of recycled christmas cards gift tags made out of recycled christmas cards DIY envelope flap labels Gift bag out of recycled junk mail

Looking for more DIY projects?
Below are some links to more projects involving recycling things other than junk mail from the Junk Mail Gems blog:

Turn your Halloween pumpkin into a feast!   Turn old formula cans into snack storage containers!   Turn old fabric into a tote bag!   Turn your left-over yarn into a cozy rug!
Turn an old plate into a beautiful mosaic vase!   Turn a placemat into a travel size diaper clutch!   Turn an old BBQ grill into a fresh herb garden!   Turn a chocolate box tray into a drawer organizer!
Turn an old food canister into ribbon storage!   Turn dead Christmas lights into cool napkin rings!        


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