Junk Mail Gems :: Turning Trash into Treasure!



Recycle your old holiday & Christmas cards into ornaments! You can also make these using junk mail. My example below is made out of Christmas junk mail catalogs. Gift cards work great because they are sturdy and made of thick stock, but catalog covers can work as well.

1. Start by making patterns that you will use to cut out all your pieces. Make a circle by tracing anything round in your house onto a piece of scrap cardboard. I used a lid that was about 2.75" diameter, which results in a final ornament about 5-6" in diameter.

  2. Cut out the circle pattern.
  3. Trace the same sized circle on another piece of scrap cardboard and draw an equilateral triangle that fits inside the circle.
  4. Cut out the triangle pattern.
  5. Use the circle pattern to draw circles on your greeting card fronts. You will need 20 circles to complete one ornament.
  6. Cut out all of the circles you traced.
  7. Turn each circle over, and on the backs, trace the triangle shaped pattern.
  8. Fold along the 3 lines. Fold toward the front of the circle, with the greeting card image on it.
  9. Repeat steps 7 & 8 with all 20 circles.
  10. Start gluing the pieces together.
  11. Glue 5 pieces as shown at the left to make a top, and do the same for a bottom.
  12. With a round top and bottom glued together, glue the remaining 10 together in a line as shown here.
  13. Before closing up the shape, add a piece of ribbon or string through the top piece to hang it with.
  14. Tie the ribbon/string on the inside, or tape/glue it down so it doesn't slide out.
  15. Begin gluing the strip of 10 circles around the top half to form the sides.
  16. Once you glue the top half of the strip to the top of the ornament, do the same with the bottom to close it off.
  17. Completely glued "sphere." You can stop here and hang this on your tree, or continue on to add more sparkle...
  18. Put glue on each of the edges. you may want to use a tacky glue that is thicker and will be less drippy, giving you more time to add glitter.
  19. Sprinkle glitter on the glued edge. It is best to do one edge at a time, to keep glue from dripping.
  20. Completed ornament!


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